WordPress hourly support service

Most Popular Services

General Support

Are you having an odd issue with your WordPress site? Let us fix it for you right away for a flat one time fee of $39. EASY!

Infection Removal

This very detailed service will make sure your WordPress site is fully cleaned and secured to prevent future infections.

Speed Service

Want to take your site from slow to FAST? This service will identify and repair all the speed issue you are having on your site.

Infection Insurance

Keep peace of mind knowing that if your WordPress site ever gets infected or hacked, we will clean it out right away

Security Monitoring

We offer a detailed Security Monitoring Service which is like having a full time watch dog on your WordPress site.

Site Tune Up

Not sure if all is working as it should? Allow us to do a WordPress Tune Up and check the key function points on your site.

WooCommerce Checkup

Running an online store can be a lot of work. We can verify all is working as it should and provide a detailed report on any issues.

Managed Services

Need a partner to help you manage your entire site? Let us take away any worries you may have owning a WordPress site.

Keep It Safe

This is our Keep It Safe plan. We will provide daily backups and monthly updates of your site as well as 1 FREE support ticket.

Backup/Restore Setup

Having a good Backup/Restore strategy is critical to making sure you are ready for the worst. We can set this up for you FAST!


It is so important that your site loads using HTTPS. This will make your site safer and help your Google ranking. Let us help do it.

Site Migration/Clone

We will migrate or clone your WordPress site to any location of your choice fast and pain free with no issues.

PHP 7 + Compatibility

Our agents will complete an extensive site review to ensure your site is running smoothly on PHP 7 with no issues.

GDPR Compliance

Our GDPR Specialist will complete an extensive review site to check for any GDPR non-compliance that needs to be fixed.

Hourly Support

This allows you to purchase hours for any WordPress task that you can submit and we will do the work quickly.


Easy quick & simple


WordPress can be funky and new versions can cause issues.


Plugin conflicts happen often and can be a daunting task to fix.


Is there something strange going on inside your WordPress theme?


Have something that just does not make sense and you need it fixed?


We have an agent ready to jump into action and get it fixed fast.​

Excellent Track Records

In order for us to maintain around the clock instant support to customers all over the world

What Does 24/7 Support Mean?

This is exactly what it says. We have agents available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to take on WordPress support issues and them resolved fast.

How We Achieve 24/7 Support?

We have strategically hired and staffed our agents to cover all 24 hours on any given day. Even holidays! This means that regardless of what time zone our customers are in and they need FAST WordPress support they can receive it because we always have an agent ready to take on any WordPress issue.

What Information Do We Need?

At the very least, we will need an administrative login to your WordPress site. Remember a mechanic can not fix your car without the keys. We need a login so we can take closer look under the hood and get your issue resolved quickly.

Request a Free Quote

This is something that makes us so different and what we love to measure and improve on every day as a team.

We work with a very high sense of urgency to get issues resolved quickly. Our average resolve time here at WP Fix It is 30 minutes. This makes us the fastest WordPress support company in the world.