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FREE Plugin For 24/7 Live WordPress Support

Imagine a world where you could get 24/7 Live WordPress Support?

Well we have really good news for you! This world exists and we have created it. You can now get instant access to a WordPress specialist when you need questions about why your WordPress site is not functioning. In many cases the ability to have 24/7 live WordPress support can be the difference in your success or failure online.

WP Fix It is the global leader for WordPress support. We have serviced hundreds of thousands of support tickets for customers all over the world since 2009. With an average resolved time of 30 minutes or less we are the fastest WordPress support company in the world.

We have just released the first ever Live WordPress Support plugin that can be found at This free plugin will allow you to have access to one of our WordPress agents when you need to get answers for something that is not working properly on your site. No need to search the web, no need to try to figure things out on your own and no need to panic. With just one click of your mouse you can instantly be connected to one of our agents and get the answers that you need swiftly.

NO LOGIN INFO NEEDED – This plugin will allow you to connect an agent live to your website so they can see the issue that you are having and provide you with instant WordPress support quickly. You will not even need to pass along the login information to your website as the agent you are chatting with will be able to connect to your screen live and instantly. It is so cutting-edge and so fast it will blow your mind.

There are two ways that you can use this plugin:

1. Explain the problem you are having
2. Watch the agent fix your issue live

Let us break down these two powerful ways you can use this plugin.

The first one is you can use the WP FIX IT Co-Browse plugin in a way to explain the exact issue that you are having on your WordPress site. This is so powerful because it allows you to connect with one of our WordPress specialist and show them exactly what is causing your website not to function properly. The best part is that you can do all of this without having to provide a log into your website. It is as easy as activating a plugin and making one mouse click. After that you will be connected instantly and be able to explain live what the issue is that you’re having with your website.

The second way in which you can use the WP FIX IT Co-Browse plugin is to connect with your assigned agent that is helping you troubleshoot and resolve your issue and watch them resolved it in real time. In many cases this will make the resolve process more productive and happen faster.  If your agent has any questions while they are troubleshooting and fixing your site you will be there to answer those. You can also see the steps that they are taking to fix your site. Isn’t that so cool?

Let Us Take a Look at this 24/7 Live WordPress Support Plugin

Live WordPress Support

Easy Plugin Activation:
Immediately upon activation of the plugin you will notice in the lower right-hand corner of the administrative area of your website a Live Support button. This button will also appear on the front end of the website if you are logged in as an administrator.

Live WordPress Support

Connect To Agent FAST:
Once you click on the Live Support button a dialog box will appear asking you for your first name. Once you fill this out and click on start chat you will be instantly connected to a WordPress support agent.

Live WordPress Support

Professional Communication Instantly:
The agent you are connected to will be there to to answer questions you have about receiving Live WordPress Support. Please note that all of our WordPress agents have extensive knowledge in troubleshooting any WordPress issue that is out there. We have seen it all here.

Live WordPress Support

Live Screen View With NO LOGIN:
In many cases the agent you are connected with will need to physically see the issue you are experiencing so they can better guide you to the quickest resolve. This is one of the most powerful functions with this free plugin. The ability to connect to your site instantly without passing along any login information.

Live WordPress Support

Full Control of Site View Access:
Your connected agent will send a request asking you for access to view your website. You will be prompted of this request and offered a choice to accept or reject.

Live WordPress Support

Share and Show Your Issue Live:
Once the agent is connected to your site they will be able to see the issue that you are experiencing. You also are able to chat back and forth with the agent while they are navigating around your site.

Where Do You Get this 24/7 Live WordPress Support Plugin?

There are two different ways that you can add this free plug into your website. The first way is you can simply log into the administrative area of your website and head over to the plug into area. Once you are there click on add new and search for WP Fix It Co-Browse. Once you find it click install and activate. You can also click on the button below to send you over to yep and download the plugin from there and then upload it to your website. Once uploaded you can activate it to begin using the power of this 24/7 Live WordPress Support plugin.



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