Eight Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins

Using the default WooCommerce product table doesn’t cut it anymore. This is because it lacks core features needed to make shopping easier for your customers.

A WooCommerce Product Table plugin helps you to display products in a table layout. And it is customizable and responsive. These plugins come with extensive features, all to make the ordering process simple for your customers.

To make it easier for you, we have listed the eight best WooCommerce Product Table plugins there are.


  • Why you need Product Tables in WooCommerce
  • Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins
    • Ninja Tables
    • WooCommerce Product Table Lite
    • Barn2 WooCommerce Product Table
    • JustTables – WooCommerce Product Table
    • Multiple Products to Cart – WooCommerce Product Table
    • Product Table by WooBeWoo
    • wpDataTables
    • Woo Product Table
  • Conclusion

Why You Need Product Tables in WooCommerce

Product tables are important to the success of your WooCommerce site. This is because it helps customers to make decisions quickly and easily.

A product table plugin allows you to create and customize robust product tables. The plugin enables you to effectively organize and display your products.

Product table plugins allow customers to compare products with many variations and attributes. It gives them the chance to compare the different options side by side. This, in turn, helps their decision making.

Additionally, a product table plugin provides your customers quick access to vital details.

Some of these details include product pricing, availability and add-to-cart buttons. This provides users with a one-page checkout experience.

Further, product table plugins feature a product search and filter function. This enables a customer to quickly and easily find products on your WooCommerce site. In turn, it improves their browsing experience.

Best WooCommerce Product Table Plugins

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables plugin

Ninja Tables is one of the best table builder plugins. It is known for its user-friendliness and many functionalities.

The plugin comes with an in-built drag and drop builder. This allows you to easily rearrange rows, columns, and other table elements. It also allows you to import and export media files from external sources.

Ninja Tables is a highly customizable plugin with tons of style options. You can use it to create and customize your tables without writing a single line of code. You can also customize the table colors, size, columns, and background.

Further, the plugin integrates with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Thus, you will be able to add custom columns to your tables.

The plugin also supports conditional formatting. This enables you to highlight important cells for easy identification.

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Ninja Tables is also responsive, so users will be able to view the tables no matter their device.

The plugin gives you the ability to add a search and filter option to the table. This makes it easy for customers to search for specific products.

In short, Ninja Tables is a great option for displaying product data in a tabular format.

WooCommerce Product Table Lite

WooCommerce Product Table Lite plugin

WooCommerce Product Table Lite is another powerful table plugin. It allows you to create beautiful and responsive product tables.

The plugin comes fully packed with great features and customizable options. They allow you to create beautiful table layouts to meet the needs of your customers.

WooCommerce Product Table Lite provides an in-built intuitive editor. This makes it easy to generate table layouts. With it, you can add an infinite number of rows and columns, thus, creating complex layouts.

Its drag and drop builder makes it easy to customize table layouts. This allows you to rearrange columns and edit their widths. You can also place columns on the left or right side of your screen.

Further, the plugin allows to display product variations separately on the table. This way, customers can easily compare all options displayed before buying.

The plugin also provides a massive set of elements and options. This is to improve your customer’s shopping experience.

One such feature is it replaces the standard button for adding products to cart with a checkbox. That way customers can remove items from their cart without leaving the product pages.

Barn2 WooCommerce Product Table

Barn2 WooCommerce Product Table plugin

The Barn2 WooCommerce Product Table is a flexible table plugin for WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can create beautiful and responsive product tables in minutes. You can also place these tables anywhere on your WooCommerce site with shortcodes.

The plugin automatically adds tables to your store’s category and product pages in one click. This makes it easy to display any data you want. They include specific products, custom fields, attributes, product images, and more.

Also, the plugin comes with an instant search and filtering function. The feature allows your customers to search and find products quickly. As a result, they will not need to search through many pages.

With its AJAX enabled interface, you can insert thousands of products in the tables. As a user scrolls down, it will automatically load more products.

Barn2 Woo Product Table comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. It is great for restaurants, grocery and wholesale stores.

JustTables – WooCommerce Product Table

JustTables - WooCommerce Product Table Plugin

JustTables is a great plugin that lets you display products in a descriptive table. This simple-to-use plugin displays all products in a sortable and filterable table view.

With this plugin, customers can easily explore the attributes of each product.

It also makes it easier for customers to make product comparison. This way, customers are saved from the stress of going back and forth between pages or tabs.

As a result, they are able to make decisions quicker.

The plugin’s responsive layout enables you to display extra product information. It comes with a drag and drop builder, making it easier to rearrange table columns.

You can also change your table layouts or keep desired fields in the tables.

The plugin comes with many customization options. This allows you to control the look and feel of your WooCommerce store.

The plugin’s pro version comes with more advanced features. They include 29 pre-built columns that can be enabled/disabled. You can also display products by their types, prices and availability.

Also, JustTables allows you to include/exclude products. This can be by different taxonomies and terms. You can also include/exclude specific authors and vendors.

Multiple Products to Cart – WooCommerce Product Table

Multiple Products to Cart plugin

Multiple Products to Cart is a super fast plugin. It lets you display items in a straightforward table format.

The plugin allows you to provide your customers with a one-page shopping experience. Thus, your customers are able to make quick sale decisions.

The table also allows you to display items with different variants on the table. This allows clients to select a product variant before checking out.

Further, the Multiple Products to Cart plugin comes with an AJAX powered live search box. This enables your customers to quickly and easily find products in your store.

Product Table by WooBeWoo

Product Table by WooBeWoo plugin

Product Table by WooBeWoo is ideal for quick order forms and large product catalogs. It is also good for restaurant order systems, wholesale layouts and price lists.

Product Table by WBW allows you to create product tables with a search and filter function. With it, you can create responsive product tables. It also gives you full control over what you want displayed.

Its product table builder allows you to customize each part of your tables to match your website’s style.

The plugin lets you choose colors for every element in a product table. You can also customize the “Buy” button. You can change the button text, icon type, background type and more.

Using this plugin, you can add products and filter them by category, author, tag or attribute. You can also add items automatically.

Afterwards, they will be added to the table according to their selected category.

Further, customers can add many products and variations to the checkout page. As a result, you get to experience increased sales.


wpDataTables plugin

The wpDataTables is one of the most flexible table plugins. This plugin allows you to build tables, spreadsheets and charts for your online store.

With the wpDataTables plugin, you can create SEO-friendly and responsive tables. It allows you to link data tables to external sources like Excel, Google sheets, JSON, SQL Query, etc.

You can import tables from Excel and Google sheets. You can likewise create from scratch using the existing editor. Further, you get to create unlimited tables and charts without writing a single line of code.

wpDataTables comes with two editing modes. They include a standard table editor for smaller amounts of data. They also include an Excel-like editor for larger amounts of data.

Further, the plugin comes with a conditional formatting feature. This is to enable you to analyze and edit data.

The plugin provides calculating tools. They calculate totals, averages, min/max values of a column.

Besides creating tables, you can also turn any table into an attractive chart. You get to choose from over 14 different chart types.

wpDataTables is 100% responsive and highly customizable. It also provides a great amount of support and tutorials for easy understanding.

Woo Product Table

Woo Product Table plugin

Woo Product Table is a freemium WooCommerce product table plugin. It allows you to create stunning and responsive product tables.

You will be able to build many product tables with lots of customization options.

You can change the table design, colors, button texts, headings, background and more. It also has shortcode support so you can place the product tables anywhere on your website.

Customers can use its search and filter feature to find products. The products can be sorted by categories, tags or attributes.

The plugin also comes with support for variable products. This allows products with variations like sizes and colors to be added to the table.

Additionally, Woo Product Table comes with a Quick Cart function. This feature allows customers to select and add many products to their carts.

The plugin’s features work to give your customers a seamless shopping experience.

Woo Product Table provides an easy and intuitive interface so you can create product tables with ease. The plugin is also responsive, so it can work well on all devices.


Integrating product tables to your eCommerce can improve your customer’s shopping experience.

In this post, we have outlined the list of the best eight WooCommerce product tables. These plugins can help you to create the perfect product table for your online store.

To further improve your sales, check out our full guide on how to track conversions in your WooCommerce store.

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