Top 9 WordPress Themes for Single Products

In the current competitive digital commerce environment, effectively showcasing your product to attract potential customers is crucial for success. A WordPress Single Product Theme is a valuable tool in this regard.

Utilized in WordPress commerce, a single product eCommerce theme focuses on presenting one item, highlighting its features, achievements, and reviews.

Whether you are new to WordPress or in search of the finest single product theme, this article presents the top 9 WordPress themes for your consideration.


  • Jevelin
  • Divi
  • Webify
  • Bookie
  • Strollik – WordPress Single Product Theme
  • Astra
  • Drone
  • Shopscape
  • CartFlows
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Jevelin – WordPress Single Product Theme

Jevelin Theme - WordPress Single Product Theme

Pricing: $59

Jevelin is a WooCommerce theme designed for single products, providing extensive customization options. Widely chosen for single-product websites, Jevelin excels in presenting products with captivating graphics.

Suitable for crafting detailed landing pages showcasing comprehensive product information, Jevelin also features a review showcase widget for customer feedback. The theme allows simultaneous display of different product variations on a single page without compromising layout consistency, particularly useful for products with varying price ranges based on colors and sizes.

Jevelin caters well to businesses seeking to establish unique single-product websites, whether featuring high-end gadgets or distinctive items.

Pros of Jevelin

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder

Jevelin includes an integrated page builder, enabling users to easily create custom layouts, beneficial for those with limited or no coding skills.

  • Pre-built Templates

The theme offers a diverse range of well-designed templates suitable for various niches, including layouts optimized for displaying single products, providing users a solid foundation.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

Prioritizing a mobile-first approach, Jevelin ensures seamless appearance and functionality across all mobile devices, considering that mobile traffic constitutes approximately 55% of website visits.

  • SEO Optimization

Optimized for search engines, Jevelin enhances store visibility in search results, facilitating organic traffic to the single product page.

  • WooCommerce Integration

Seamless integration with WooCommerce, a leading WordPress e-commerce platform, ensures a secure and smooth shopping experience for visitors.

Cons of Jevelin

Support responsiveness can be slow, with response times occasionally extending up to 24 hours.

Divi – WordPress Single Product Theme

Divi Theme

Pricing: $89 annually.

Divi, a multipurpose WordPress theme, ranks as one of the top-selling themes on Themeforest. Known for its versatility in building various types of WordPress pages, it also excels in crafting single product pages with unique features.

Divi’s integration capabilities with the WooCommerce plugin are enhanced by a range of customization options. The theme boasts features like a templates kit, slider revolution support, and unique demo content to effectively showcase products. With over 35 Woo Layouts, 165 Woo Sections, and about 85 eCommerce-style modules, Divi is particularly adept at creating highly customized single product pages suitable for diverse items like cars and food.

Pros of Divi

  • A Visual Page Builder

Divi stands out by allowing the construction of single product pages from the ground up. Its superior visual composer replaces the standard WordPress editor, making it user-friendly for both experts and beginners.

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder

Building pages in Divi is simplified through a drag-and-drop feature, eliminating complexities and saving time, allowing for the creation of pages without any backend work.

  • Real-Time Editor

The real-time editor in Divi lets you immediately see the impact of your edits, eliminating the need to use the preview or publish buttons to view changes.

  • Custom CSS Control

For those with coding knowledge, Divi provides the option to further customize pages with custom CSS, offering greater flexibility and control over the page design.

  • Filters and Effects

Enhance the look of your page elements with Divi’s built-in filter tool, offering options to adjust aspects like hue, saturation, contrast, sepia, blur, and opacity.

Cons of Divi

Divi isn’t solely focused on single page creation, which can pose challenges for complete beginners when setting up single product stores.

Webify – WordPress Single Product Theme

Webify WordPress Theme -WordPress Single Product Theme

Pricing: $59.

Webify stands out as an ideal choice for crafting single product pages in WooCommerce, thanks to its responsive design tailored for WordPress. As an Elementor WooCommerce theme, it offers extensive flexibility, allowing users to create single product pages that adapt seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices.

The theme is rich in customization options, giving you the freedom to design a distinctive single product page. It boasts a wide array of fonts, styles, and colors, providing the tools to either build a page from scratch or utilize prebuilt templates for quicker setup.

Webify is not only suitable for creating portfolio websites but also excels in developing online product showcase pages.

Pros of Webify

  • Prompt and Dedicated Customer Support

Webify places a strong emphasis on customer service, evident in their quick responses to user issues. They offer round-the-clock support for their theme users.

  • Highly Adaptive Design

The theme is meticulously optimized for responsiveness, ensuring smooth and efficient functionality on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

  • Extensive Customization Capabilities

With a variety of features, Webify allows for extensive modifications of theme elements, including layout, colors, style, and fonts, accessible from the theme’s backend. It also supports the use of shortcodes, simplifying page creation and layout design.

Cons of Webify

A notable drawback is the lack of official documentation, which can present challenges for newcomers to the platform in understanding and utilizing the theme effectively.

Bookie – WordPress Single Product Theme

Bookie WordPress Theme

Pricing: $37 per year.

Bookie is a niche-focused WooCommerce theme designed for showcasing single products on WordPress. Developed by TokoPress, this theme has garnered 681 purchases, indicating its popularity in the WordPress community.

Tailored for those looking to create a dedicated single-page website for book-related activities, Bookie offers a streamlined and efficient solution. It is fully compatible with WordPress 5.0+ and WooCommerce 3.3+, ensuring seamless integration with the latest platform updates.

Bookie’s single product template is enriched with a variety of customization options, including support for custom backgrounds and all fundamental WordPress features.

Pros of Bookie

  • Flexible Customization

Bookie allows for extensive customization, including the ability to alter fonts, styles, and layouts from the backend. It also supports child theme integration, providing additional flexibility for theme customization. Users can engage with various post formats such as text, images, audio, and video, enhancing the content diversity of their site.

  • Seamless Integration

The theme offers smooth integration with key eCommerce tools, notably WooCommerce, facilitating an efficient and user-friendly online retail experience.

Cons of Bookie

A significant limitation of Bookie is its compatibility issues with PHP 8+. Users operating on PHP 8+ might encounter problems, which could affect the functionality and user experience of websites using this theme.

Strollik – WordPress Single Product Theme

Strollik - Single Product WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Pricing: $52 per year.

Strollik, a sought-after landing page theme for WordPress, specializes in crafting single-page stores and is highly compatible with WooCommerce. It features a mega menu and slider revolution, making it an ideal choice for building a streamlined single product store.

The theme stands out with its array of unique functionalities, including multiple layouts, one-click import of pre-designed demos and layouts, and a diverse selection of fonts and colors for crafting the ideal page design.

Moreover, Strollik enhances user experience with its shortcode support and a user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder, enabling creation of pages even for those without coding expertise.

Strollik is particularly apt for crafting single product pages for a range of items like Coffee Makers, Goral Smartwatches, Energy Drinks, Smart Glasses, and Organic Food.

Pros of Strollik

  • Comprehensive 360 Degree Product View

The standout feature of Strollik is the 360-degree product view, providing customers with a comprehensive perspective of products from every angle.

  • Optimized Responsiveness

Designed to perform seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices, Strollik ensures fast and effective functionality across various platforms.

  • SEO Friendly

Strollik is an excellent theme for those aiming to boost their online visibility through SEO. Its speedy performance, coupled with support for text, images, and animations, enhances both mobile and desktop loading speeds, thereby improving user satisfaction and SEO rankings.

  • Flexible Customization Options

Customizing the Strollik theme is straightforward on WordPress, allowing the addition of extra features beyond the theme’s native capabilities. Users can modify site layouts, homepage designs, colors, styles, fonts, and the placement of elements like headers and footers.

Cons of Strollik

A notable limitation is its reliance on Elementor for functionality. Users unfamiliar with Elementor might face challenges in utilizing this plugin effectively.

Astra – WordPress Single Product Theme

Astra theme - WordPress Single Product Theme

Pricing: Ranges from $47 to $147 annually.

Astra, celebrated for its widespread adoption with over a million installations on WordPress, is a versatile commercial WordPress theme. It stands out for its additional features that enable the crafting of modern single product pages.

To utilize Astra’s single product capabilities, users need to install the Astra theme along with the Astra Pro Addon. Additionally, activating the Easy Digital Downloads plugin is a prerequisite.

The single product feature in Astra allows customization in terms of color and typography for your pages. The theme provides four distinct container layouts, ideal for creating single product landing pages. Astra also includes templates for text, images, and videos, and enables showcasing customer reviews at the bottom of the page. It’s particularly well-suited for developing single product pages for clothing businesses.

Pros of Astra

  • Lightweight Design

Astra’s lean footprint, just 50kb on the frontend, positions it as a faster option compared to other themes.

  • SEO Optimized

The theme is equipped with built-in support and Native AMP, streamlining high ranking on Google search results.

  • Broad Compatibility

Astra offers extensive integration capabilities, compatible with popular page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Visual Composer, and works flawlessly with the WooCommerce plugin.

Cons of Astra

One downside is that Astra may not be the most beginner-friendly option. Additionally, customer support experiences delays, particularly over weekends.

Drone – WordPress Single Product Theme

Drone theme

Pricing: $16.50 monthly.

Drone is a dynamic WordPress theme specifically tailored for single product presentations, featuring three ready-to-use demos for crafting your product page. This theme is crafted to ensure a responsive experience on both mobile and desktop devices.

Compatible with WordPress 5+ and WooCommerce 3.5+, the Drone theme is augmented with Redux framework integration, providing a vast array of colors and fonts to choose from. It also incorporates Font Awesome icons and Google Web Fonts, enhancing your product display with diverse typographic styles.

Pros of Drone

  • Responsiveness and Compatibility Across Browsers

Drone is meticulously designed to deliver a seamless experience on both mobile and desktop, ensuring accessibility for users across various platforms.

  • Simple Configuration Process

The theme includes three pre-designed web templates, which you can easily edit and adapt to your website’s needs. These templates are complemented by various Envato elements, offering further customization.

  • Extensive Font Selection

Drone is equipped with a range of Google Web Fonts and Font Awesome icons, enabling you to create compelling typography for your product presentation.

Cons of Drone

However, the Drone theme is somewhat limited, offering only three web templates and lacking in-depth customization features.

Shopscape – WordPress Single Product Theme

Shopscape theme

Pricing: $69 annually.

Shopscape stands out as a specialized WordPress theme designed exclusively for crafting single product landing pages, online stores, and shops. This retina-ready theme integrates effortlessly with WooCommerce, offering a straightforward installation process.

Key features of Shopscape include customizable widgets, engaging page transitions, distinctive typography, a contact form, and a handy quote calculator. Additionally, the theme is equipped with a straightforward, light page builder, ensuring compatibility with both mobile and desktop devices.

Shopscape provides a comprehensive range of tools accessible from the admin panel, facilitating the creation of an ideal single product store for any niche.

Pros of Shopscape

  • Specialized for Single Product Stores

Shopscape is distinctively tailored for single product stores, unlike many multipurpose themes, and comes equipped with all the necessary features for setting up an ideal store.

  • Seamless WooCommerce Compatibility

Perfectly aligned with WooCommerce, Shopscape is an excellent choice for those with WooCommerce-driven e-commerce sites. The theme includes a modifiable online shop template.

  • Ready for Translation

Shopscape features built-in translation capabilities, enabling straightforward text translation into different languages.

  • Native WordPress Customization Support

Accessing and modifying core theme settings is made easy directly from the WordPress backend.

  • Extensive Google Fonts Library

The theme is preloaded with over 500 Google fonts, offering a wide range of typographic options.

Cons of Shopscape

A notable limitation of Shopscape is its incompatibility with the Elementor page builder. If Elementor is installed on your WordPress site, you cannot use this theme.

CartFlows – WordPress Single Product Theme

CartFlows Theme

Pricing: Starts at $79 annually.

CartFlows is a comprehensive solution tailored for eCommerce site owners, focusing on enhancing sales through a streamlined single product page that consolidates product details and the checkout process. This one-page checkout approach is designed to facilitate quicker purchase decisions by presenting all necessary information on a singular page, thereby eliminating the need for customers to navigate to multiple tabs.

Key Features of CartFlows:

  • Simplified Purchase Process: CartFlows is engineered to expedite the buying process, providing customers with all essential details on one page.
  • Promotional Tools: The theme allows the inclusion of discounts and special offers directly on the product page, encouraging quicker purchase decisions.
  • Email Collection for Cart Recovery: CartFlows can capture emails from customers attempting to abandon their carts, offering a strategy to follow up and potentially recover lost sales.
  • Device Optimization: The theme is fully optimized for various devices, including mobile and desktop.
  • Checkout Templates: CartFlows offers a range of checkout templates for implementation on your website, serving as an alternative to the standard WooCommerce checkout layouts.
  • Industry Suitability: Ideal for a range of eCommerce platforms, including course creators, event organizers, eBook stores, and consultancy agencies.

Advantages of CartFlows – WordPress Single Product Theme:

  1. A/B Split Testing: CartFlows includes an A/B testing feature, enabling you to experiment with different page variations and designs to discover what resonates best with your audience.
  2. Conversion-Optimized Templates: A variety of conversion-focused templates are available to help optimize your checkout pages, all without the need for coding.
  3. Checkout Customization: The checkout editor in CartFlows allows for personalization of the checkout experience, including the addition of special offers and streamlined checkout pages to minimize cart abandonment.

Limitations of CartFlows:

Despite its strengths, CartFlows is somewhat limited in customization capabilities, particularly in terms of design elements and layout options, when compared to other WordPress themes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is the optimal one-page theme for WordPress?

The best WordPress one-page theme depends on individual needs and preferences. However, popular and responsive themes such as Divi, Shopscape, CartFlows, and Jevelin are commonly recommended.

  1. Are WordPress themes still being purchased?

Yes, WordPress themes are still being purchased. While numerous free themes exist, premium themes offer additional features, customization options, and customer support. Businesses often opt for premium themes to achieve a professional and unique website appearance.

  1. Can you change the theme for a specific page in WordPress?

By default, WordPress applies the same theme to all pages. However, changing the theme for a specific page is possible through methods like using a child theme, custom coding, or employing a page builder plugin to override the theme’s styling for individual pages.


Establishing single product pages enhances sales and minimizes cart abandonment by providing comprehensive product information on one page, simplifying the purchase process. This post has highlighted the nine best single product WordPress themes, offering valuable options to create compelling single product pages for your online business.

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