7 Best WordPress Calculator Plugins – Free and Paid

Do you have a website that deals with numbers in the form of prices, measurements, weights and more? Then you may need a WordPress calculator plugin. This tool makes it easy for your site visitors to make calculations without having to do the math.

Calculator plugins do more than calculations. They also help engage your site visitors and drive traffic to your website. In this article, we will explain the importance of having this plugin on your site. We will also share some of our top picks of the best WordPress Calculator plugins.


  • Benefits of Adding a Website Calculator
  • Best WordPress Calculator Plugins
    • Cost Calculator Builder
    • Calculated Fields Form
    • Price Based on Country for WooCommerce
    • Stylish Cost Calculator
    • WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator
    • WP Calorie Calculator
    • Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator
  • Conclusion

Benefits of Adding a WordPress Calculator Plugin

There are many benefits to using a calculator plugin. We will highlight the most important ones:

Increases Traffic

Specialty calculators like calorie, BMI, mortgage and other calculators can prompt users to return to your website when they need to make a calculation. Users can also share the calculator tool, thus, drawing more visitors to your website. This will help bring more traffic to your site and improve your rank in search engines.

Boosts Engagement

Calculator plugins can help increase engagement on your site. This is because visitors will read contents and interact with the calculator. For instance, plugins like calorie calculators will have visitors tracking their nutrition and daily calorie intake. This will keep visitors longer on your website, thus, reducing bounce rate.

Transparent Pricing

For users with eCommerce sites, some calculator plugins help to display prices at the checkout page. This makes it easy for customers to make a cost estimate of their purchase and adjust their budget if needed. As a result, you also get to improve user experience on your site.

Best WordPress Calculator Plugin

With that being said, let’s move on to our list of WordPress Calculator plugins – free and paid.

Cost Calculator Builder

Basic Plugin is free. Premium starts at $39/one site license.

Cost Calculator Builder plugin

The Cost Calculator Builder is a freemium WordPress calculator plugin that enables you to create price estimated forms. This form helps to give customers a price estimate of your products and services.

The plugin comes with over a hundred templates and a drag and drop calculation form builder. Thus, you are able to create an unlimited number of form calculators and insert them anywhere on your site’s pages and posts.

Cost Calculator Builder provides different customization options. You can customize the outlook of your calculator with its various calculator elements. It also offers a range slider, quantity box, total/subtotal, input text box and many more.

In its premium version, it provides a file upload module. This enables your site visitors to upload images/videos, documents and tables. Additionally, it offers WooCommerce integration to enable customers to calculate prices of WooCommerce products. It also offers Stripe and PayPal integration to help with orders and checkout.

Calculated Fields Form WordPress Calculator Plugin

Calculated Fields Form plugin

Price: Free to start. Premium starts at €49.99 for the Professional package.

Calculated Fields Form is a free WordPress calculator plugin that allows you to create any kind of calculator you need. So, you do not have to build forms from scratch as it comes with several predefined templates.

It also features 5 built-in sample calculators. They include simple calculator operations, pregnancy calculator, fitness calculator, calculator with dates and lease calculator.

And if you wish to get creative, it has an intuitive visual form builder that allows you to edit form fields just the way you want. With its form and logic builder, you can add the required fields and assign values to them. Afterwards, the values are calculated based on calculations from other form fields.

Additional features include multiple field types like drop-down menus, checkboxes, radio buttons and a host of others. The free version provides basic functionalities to help you create any calculator for your website.

With the pro version, you get other advanced features. They include integration with payment gateways, email notifications when data is collected, import and export forms between WordPress sites and many more.

The plugin is versatile as it works seamlessly with both the classic editor and WordPress Gutenberg (block) editor. It also works well with popular page builders.

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce plugin

Price: Free. Premium costs $59/year.

Price Based on Country for WooCommerce is a WordPress calculator plugin designed to allow you to sell your products in a country’s local currency.

Using the WooCommerce geolocation feature, it detects the location of your customer and displays the currency. The product price can be set two ways. You can calculate the price based on the country’s exchange rate or by setting the price manually.

Further, the Priced Based on Country plugin allows you to sell and receive payments in multiple currencies. This, in turn, reduces the cost of currency conversions. It also features a country switcher widget. This allows your customers to change their country from your site’s frontend.

In the pro version, you get automatic updates of exchange rates. You also get to update zone pricing with the WooCommerce built-in CSV import and export feature. The plugin further provides integration with WooCommerce subscriptions, WooCommerce Bookings and a host of others.

Stylish Cost Calculator

Stylish Cost Calculator plugin

Price: Free to start. Premium starts at $129/year.

If you’re running a financial business website, this plugin is for you. Stylish Cost Calculator comes with a quote generator. This allows business owners to create customized, instant quotes for clients.

The plugin provides features that help you to convert your site visitors to sales. It turns your static pricing into an interactive cost calculator. This, in turn, guides your visitors towards making a sale.

Stylish Cost Calculator is an easy-to-use plugin. It comes with over 7 pre-built customizable calculator templates. This allows you to create a modern-looking site view. You also get to add elements in your templates. They include a quantity input box, variable and custom math, a dropdown menu and a host of others.

The plugin’s premium version comes with more advanced features. You will be able to create coupons and discounts for customers. It features itemized PDF invoices. This allows users to create their invoices, print and email themselves a quote and more.

In addition, the Stylish Cost Calculator provides WooCommerce integration, conditional logic and language translation.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin

Price: Regular license costs $39.

The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin is a complete solution for online store owners.

It makes it easy to calculate a product price based on the different units of measurement. With food items, for instance, the customers input their desired measurement. Afterwards, the plugin calculates the exact price of the product based on the user’s input. This way, they get to buy the amount and quantity they need.

With the Measurement Price Calculator plugin, you can calculate products based on their weight, dimensions, volume and area. You can also customize pricing labels and provide discounts to boost sales.

In addition, this WordPress calculator plugin comes with a drag and drop page builder. It allows you to add a pricing calculator to each product page and customize pricing labels, units and values. You can also set minimum/maximum order quantity for products and variations. Overall, this plugin is great for calculating the cost of measured items.

WP Calorie Calculator – WordPress Calculator Plugin

WP Calorie Calculator plugin

Price: Free to start. Premium plan starts at $39/year.

As its name suggests, this is a fitting WordPress calculator plugin for users running a weight management site. Using the Mifflin – St. Jeor formula, the WP Calorie Calculator identifies the user’s basal metabolic rate. It then uses the details of a user’s features and calculates the number of calories that should be consumed daily.

Afterwards, the results are sent to the user via email or directly in the form. If you’re a newbie, the free version of the plugin provides helpful features to create a simple and basic calorie calculator. But it does not include the Mifflin formula. Instead, it uses metric and imperial units for measurements.

This is a simple to use plugin as it provides shortcodes to allow you display the calculator anywhere on your website. It also provides two color palette options in its free plan and a customizable color scheme in its premium plan.

The WP Calorie Calculator integrates with some online marketing services to boost your campaigns. Overall, this plugin is a great option for users in the nutrition and health sector.

Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator

Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator plugin

Price: $25 for a regular license.

Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator is a flexible WordPress calculator plugin used to create simple to complex calculators. With this plugin, you can create general calculators, calorie calculators, quote/price estimate forms, etc.

Note: This plugin must be paired with Contact Form 7 plugin. It is recommended to use this plugin if you already use Contact Form 7.

The plugin is easy to use and does not require coding knowledge to create a calculator form. You can choose from its well-designed form templates, so you don’t have to build from scratch. Thus, you get to build powerful forms for businesses like eCommerce stores, hotels, etc.

Further, the plugin comes with a form builder that enables you to add different calculated fields.

Contact Form 7 Cost Calculator allows users to make conditional calculations and support all mathematical formulas. The plugin is cross browser compatible and supports WPML.

Choosing Your WordPress Calculator Plugin

In this guide, we have shown you which are the best WordPress calculator plugins for your website. Your choice from our list would depend on the type of products or services you provide on your site, as well as your budget. For example, if you run a fitness website, then the Calorie Calculator would do your clients much good.

If you have any questions about these calculators, or have others you prefer, please let us know in the comments below. And if you benefited from this article, kindly share it with others who you think may also find it useful.

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